>> February 27, 2009

I came across this great site this morning and the hangbag lover in me started to drool! Seriously, the cutest handbags I have seen for a long time. I personally purchase handbags because I like the artistic efforts put in by the designer. I am not a namebrand kind of girl but more on style and uniqueness.

Well these handbags at beegee bags are a great idea to get your bridesmaids. They have styles for everyone and why not get your girls something they can use in the future! You can also do custom styles if you have the extra cash to play with.

Most of us will have to buy online but some lucky ladies have retailers near them.

Brooke Galardi, the founder and owner of beegee bags, is a self-taught handbag maker. She got started a while back when she designed a fabric bag for herself on a whim. This first beegee bag is now safely locked away in a deep cavern so that no one will ever have to lay eyes on it. However, before it went into exile, a good friend admired it and asked Brooke to make her one and she wanted to pay her cash money for it! That was the beginning of beegee bags.


~Favorite Spring Favors~

There are some great small favors out now for spring and summer weddings and bridal showers. Here are a few of my favorite!

1. Mini Gumball Machine

These fanciful candy wedding favors come pre-filled with delicious Double Bubble gumballs—dispense with just a twist of the knob. Each mini gumball machine measures 5” in height and holds approximately 30 gumballs. Available in blue, red and black. beau-coop.com

2. Mini Candy Jars

Jars come personalized with your names and wedding date (or message). CANDY PICTURED NOT INCLUDED; so fill them with sweet delights like chocolate lentils, mini amorini hearts, Jelly Bellies or other favorites. Jars arrive separately from labels. Some assembly required (you'll need to attach the self-stick labels to the jars).

3. Love Coasters

Give a wonderfully romantic favor that your guests will be able to use for years to come. These quality, glass coasters are practical wedding, bridal shower and anniversary party favors that even the most discerning guest will appreciate. A bold design spelling out LOVE is frosted on the underside each coaster to ensure a lasting finish. Each set includes four coasters and is packaged in a clear box and tied with white sheer organza ribbon. Heart-shaped thank you tag included. beau-coop.com

4. "Bubbly" Champange Bubbles

The fun won't stop when the cork goes POP on this effervescent wedding favor! In fact, it's just beginning! Beautiful memories blow to and fro with bubbles from this little champagne bottle.myweddingfavors.com

5.Rustic Chair Place Holders

If your a couple who loves the great outdoors, you'll love the cozy, log-cabin look and feel of this outdoor wedding favor! This woodsy Adirondack chair invites your guests to sit back, relax and have a good time while they celebrate your day. myweddingfavors.com

These are just a few of the favors I like for spring and summer weddings and bridal showers! Check out each website for more ideas and ordering information.



See us on the Best of Western Washington Guide

Lilly Lynn Events has been nominated for King 5's Best of Western Washington! You can go to http://best.king5.com/lilly-lynn-events/biz/169687 and write a review about Lilly Lynn Events to help us out!

While you are on there check out some of the other catagories to see if you know any of those vendors!



Pay in full for your service with a signed contract and receive 20% off! Good until March 15th!



2 oz Hpnotiq
2 oz white wine
1 oz ginger ale

Pour the ingredients in a Champagne flute.
Serve and toast to a long and happy marriage.



At Lynn Lugo you can design your own dresses for your wedding party! This one gets mad kudos from us since we LOVE anything that makes your day unique!

You can go onto this site and design each dress individually for each lady in the wedding party to fit their body type and mix up your colors to add a fresh and fun look.

There is a good selection of styles and colors as well as fabrics. They have
stores nationally if you need a little more to look at then just the website.




Last night I was talking with one of the brides I am working with about what look her bridesmaids dresses would have. I was talking to her about the post I did yesterday about the custom dresses and she wasn't that into it. So then I was thinking, I have been in weddings where you are one of many different shapes and personalities. How great is it to be able to pick the color(s)you want your bridal party to wear and they can pick the dress they want!

For example, I was maid of honor in my best friends wedding. She had 5 bridesmaids and one bridesman. Yes, Brian stood on the girls side! But back to the dresses.... She wanted us all to wear the Victorian lilac color but wanted us to be comfortable in what we were wearing. So we went to Davids Bridal and the two maids of honor wore tea length dresses and the others wore long dresses. It was great to feel comfortable and confident in your dress!

Now you don't have to have all your dresses be different. If you like them all the same length that is a great look too! Just add some flare to each girl so she feels just as great as she looks!

Cheers! K



I was looking through some of my bridal magazines the other day and found that most of the headpieces were really boring! Not that a simple tiara is horrible, but it's nice to see some ladies go out on the limb a little.

Here a few "out on a limb" nominees:

Found at Design Shrine

Found at The Handcrafted Wedding

Found at I Do.com

Each of these are unique and to me that makes them fabulous! On your wedding day you should wear pieces that represent you, and if the traditional tiara doesn't make you happy...try one of these!



Wedding Cake Martini
2 ounces vanilla vodka
1 ounce pineapple juice
1 ounce cranberry juice
1 teaspoon artificial sweetner (1 package)

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into martini glass. Enjoy!

I found these two martini glasses on DiscountMugs. Very cool way to do your toasts if you want something different than a champagne flute! Personalize them however you want and toast to your new life together!

Cheers! Kim



If there is one thing in this world I can't live without, it's cake! When I was little my mom would tell me of an upcoming wedding and my first question was "will there be cake?"

To this day I want to know if there is cake going to be at every event! My favorite is red velvet, but a good butter cream frosting on chocolate cake excites me as well.

I saw this picture and thought the cakes were great! Makes me hungry just looking at them! For ordering a wedding cake in the Tacoma WA area try these businesses Celebrity Cake Studio and Hello Cupcake and Indulge Cupcakes

If you want someone to go cake tasting with....let me know!



I had an awesome time this last weekend at the Groom's Brew and Bridal Tea in Tumwater! Here are a few pictures of my booth area....

Thank you to all of you who came to the show!



This weekend at the show I met this awesome florist named Rebecca. She has a daycare by day and does flowers in her home. She has no formal training but you would never know it! She not only had incredible floral arragements on her table but she also did the centerpieces for the tables. Here is a picture of what they looked like...

I have never seen the combination of sliced fruit and beads in the vase like this before.

Def call Rebecca at 360-790-4143. Her business is called Perpetual Posies!
Let her know you got her number from Kim at Lilly Lynn Events!



Need some last minute ideas for your Valentines day wedding? Or do your upcoming weddings colors include red? Well here are some ideas for your big day!



Brown Sugar Designs is a custom invation website I came across that I was totally blown away by! They have designs for any theme and color you want. The company is run by a couple who both have worked in marketing, advertising, and project management. This married team has some great products on their website and I urge you to take a look at the website. If anything you will be inspired by the design and origionality their website offers.

Also take a look at their blog

This has to be my favorite thing on the blog. Such a cute idea that I have not seen used before.

So suttle, yet elegant! So in LOVE!!!!



I am so excited for my first Wedding Show! It will be held at The Comfort Inn Conference Center and The Guest House Inn and Suites at 1620 74th Ave SW Tumwater, WA from 1:00-4:00pm.



For those hosting an event with a tight alcohol budget you may want to add a signiture cocktail to go with the beer and wine! It will help you cut costs of having an open bar and personalize the event!

Here are a few you could try:

Love is in the Air
2 oz. sloe gin
2 dashes raspberry syrup
2 dashes lemon juice
1 egg white

Put all ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake well, strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Drop a raspberry in the glass for a special touch.

Sealed with a Kiss
2 oz chocolate liqueur such as Godiva or Crème de Cacao
1.5 oz vodka
Hershey's Kiss

Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice,shake well, and pour into a chilled cocktail glass. Put a Hershey's Kiss in the bottom for the added love touch.

Cupid’s Potion
2 ounces Stoli Ohranj vodka
½ ounce Gran Gala liqueur
½ ounce fresh limejuice
1ounce fresh blood orange juice
Blood orange slice for garnish

Pour vodka, liqueur, limejuice and blood orange juice in a shaker. Shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with slice of blood orange and serve.

Champagne Love Shots
2 Tablespoons Fruit puree
(Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, Peach & Pomegranate)

Spoon the puree into a Champagne flute and pour the Champagne on top.

Tantric Kiss
Splash of orange blossom water
3 1/2 ounces vodka
1 1/2 ounces fresh pineapple juice
1 ounce cranberry juice
Splash of peach schnapps
1 pansy blossom, for garnish

Pour a splash of orange blossom water into a chilled martini glass and swirl it around to coat the glass with essence of orange blossom.

Add vodka to an ice-filled shaker. (Use vodka that is highly distilled with a pure flavor that won’t take away from the freshness of the fruits.)

Add pineapple juice to the shaker. If possible, use fresh juice, or a brand of juice that has no added sugar. Just before shaking, add cranberry juice to the shaker. Shake vigorously - these juices won’t bruise. The colder the juices, the better.

Strain mixture into martini glass, making sure to pour "around the glass" to catch all the drippings of orange blossom water.

Finish by floating a bit of Peach Schnapps on the top of the martini and adding the "Tantric Kiss"- an aphrodisiac-laden edible pansy.

These drinks can be used if it's just you and your signifigant other too! Spice up your evening with a special drink!



$500 TO PLAN YOUR WEDDING When booked by February 6th!
Just click on this ad and send me an email!



I don't know how many of you have satallite radio and listen to the cosmo channel, but I am addicted it! On my way home everyday I listen to Cocktails with Pete and then Sara and Brian on Get in Bed.
A week ago or so I was listening to Cocktails with Pete and he was talking about this website where people sell engagement rings, jelwery, and dresses from past relationships. At first I thought this to be kinda odd, yet intrigueing. So when I got home from work that night, I got on the website. As you scroll through the pages of rings you can click on them and read the story as to why this ring ended up on IdoButIDont.com
As usual my boyfriend was a little freaked out when he glanced at my computer and saw me looking at engagement rings! And once again my reply was "it's research". lol
Anyways, as I started to look through more things on the site it started to remind me of BravoBride.com. This is one of my favorite sites that you can buy or sell wedding products on. They are a great resource and you can help other brides out by selling the peices you don't really need to keep. Like centerpieces, vases, ect.
The only thing I find odd about IdoButIDont.com is the fact that you can read about where the ring comes from. The day I get a ring I would rather not know the story behind it. I would hope he picks the ring because he thinks I would like it and he picks it for me, not because the story was cool! Lady's would you want a ring that you know he bought off a site from a failed relationship?



I’ve Received An Award!

Wishpot.com has given me this awesome award. I am so suprised to receive it since I haven't been doing this long, but so grateful! I really appreciate it and am flattered you thought of me! Now it’s my turn to pay it forward and nominate at least 10 blogs that I think show great attitude and/or gratitude…

The Rules: 1. Put the logo on your blog or post. 2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE! 3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post. 4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. 5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received the award.

So here are my 10:
Etsy Wedding
Jeff LaPlante
The Notebook

The above bloggers really do show wonderful attitude and gratitude, each and every day. Nice people really do make a difference in this world and while this is just a short list of the many out there, these are the bloggers I’m listing today. If you get the chance, stop by their amazing blogs and show them some love!

Thank you to those of you who read my blog and those who may start now! I love hearing from all of you and keeping up on trends with my fav's listed above.
;) Kim



So Cookie Lee just released their Spring/Summer 09 catalog! This one is probably their best yet. Great peices for everyday and your special day.

I pulled a set that I LOVE and I think would be a great set for a bride. The nice thing about Cookie Lee is that you can't just get it anywhere. Becuase of that you can wear it on your wedding day and get a unique look. I remeber a year or so ago, you were always seeing the eternity diamond circle necklace.

Why would you want to look like other brides. Step out of the box and try a unique look that fits YOU!

These 3 peices will run you $102 with tax. I LOVE this set for brides because it plays on the tradional pearl look, but adds a sexy sophisticated look with the diamond accent.

When you order your bridal set, if you have at least 2 other orders with it, I will give you your most expensive item half off!

I have been selling Cookie Lee for about a year now and will ship anywhere in the US. If you would like a catalog let me know and I will get you one in the mail. Only takes a couple days for me to get your jelwery after I receive the order and the money!



I can never stress enough about the importance of a "day of" schedule to keep your wedding running smoothly and on time.

How many of you have been in a bridal party at a wedding that started late and no one knew where to go or where to be? I have! It's frustrating and annoying to all involved.

The Cure!!!!! Take time to sit down and make a schedule. You already know the names and contacts and times all your vendors are coming as well as the photographer. Just start with the rehersal and go through the entire next day.

Some things you may want to make sure you have on your schedule for bridal party:
1. Hair appointment times for ALL bridesmaids
2. Locations and times of where the bridal party will get dressed at
3. Time and location of pictures
4. Time to be in place for the wedding

For the schedule for your planner:
1. List of vendors and contact information
2. Schedule of which vendor is arriving at what time and with what
3. Start of wedding
4. Reception start time
5. Order of reception ( Dinner/cake cutting/first dance/bar open and closed/ect.)
6. Time you must be out of reception area

Also you will want to give your coordinater a copy of your contract from both the location for the wedding and the reception. This is important so they know what you have aggreed to and that everything is in place before you leave. You have put down a deposit and most times you can get it back if you follow the rules.

I enjoy working on schedules, so if you would like some help send me an email!





Over the years of going weddings I don't think I have only kept a couple wedding favors. Not because I didn't appreciate the thought, the favor just didn't stand out to me enough to keep it.

I was looking online and found a few really cute unique favors at www.beau-coup.com

They have some great pieces such as:
Personalized Playing Cards
Wine Bottle Stoppers
Mini Cocktail Shakers
Personalized Tins

This site also has great favors for baby showers, bridal showers, and birthdays.



I was talking to a coworker of mine a few weeks ago about wedding photos and how "trash the dress" pictures had become so popular. She told me about this photographer she knows that has some awesome pictures and I had to check his site out.

Jeff LaPlante has one of the most amazing eyes for photography I have seen. He is a destination wedding photographer based in Seattle.

His website has way more pictures on it but here are a few examples:

All pictures are property of Jeff LaPlante Photography
Visit his website to see his full portfolio and blog at www.jefflaplante.com



For the past couple years I have headed up a team for the Tacoma MS walk. My mom has MS and her sister unfortunately passed away from the disease in 2001. For those who don't know what MS is, it is a disease that destroys your nerve endings. For my mom it has mostly affected the left side of her body. She uses a cane and has to wear a brace on her left foot in order to walk since the nerves have all been damaged in the top of her foot and she can't pick it up straight.

For the months of January, February, and March; any events I book with Lilly Lynn Events $100 of the total service will be donated to the MS society for the walk on April 4th. If you would like to walk with us or make a donation you can go to http://walkwas.nationalmssociety.org
Search teams for TEAM PAMMY and sign up!

Help us rid the world of MS!!



$500 TO PLAN YOUR WEDDING When booked by February 1st!
Just click on this ad and send me an email!



I read a lot of blogs and love to look at the pictures. I was on one the other day and saw a picture of the back of a wedding gown that they had airbrushed with flames. Now I am not dissing the artist or saying it looks bad... I was just caught off gaurd by how unique the dress was. If you look through many wedding blogs, most will tell you that being unique and finding things to personalize your wedding is great.

This dress takes that idea one step further!

This picture only leads me to ponder what the front looks like? Did they continue the flames all the way around, which could make her look like she is rising from the flames? Or is the dress formal in the front and then as soon as she passes you coming down the isle..BAM...Suprise! Flames!!

Either way...Hats off to this bride for being so unique!



10.Small Square Wedding Cakes for Your Guests
You can ask your bakery to make small individual cakes for each guest instead of having one big cake that has to be cut. This way, whomever you choose to serve cake can just place the whole minicake on the plate and serve away.
9.Colored Bridal Shoes
Even if your dress drags on the floor, spice up your look by getting some great colored shoes that match the colors of your wedding. When your having fun and dancing at your reception, people will see your flare under all that white!
8. Robert Daniel Gallery
Great new place to hold your event in Tacoma WA. Gives a great modern feel and you can save money on decorations when you have great art surrounding you.
7. Decorative Branches
You can use these is so many ways. They are easy to find at craft stores and you can spray paint them to match your color scheme or leave them brown for a more rustic look.
6. Who's Wedding Is It Anyway?
My total fav show on Style Network! They have great planners on this show and they give you tips on weddings. Great way to get some ideas and put your own special twist to it!
5. Fruit!
Cheap way to do some event centerpieces. If your colors are close to colors of oranges, limes, lemons, or any other fruit.... you can fill tall vases with the fruits to help save money and not buy flowers. Or you can mix match and do some tables with fruit and some with flowers.
4. Mix-Match
I know this isn't a new trend but I love the look of having your bridal party in the same color (or two) but with different styles. I was in two weddings where we wore teh same colors. But in one wedding we all had the same dress and in the other we all had different dresses. You could really tell the personal styles and personalities of the girls wearing differnet dresses as well and our confidence being higher since we were in something we picked out.
Awesome website where you can buy or sell anything for a wedding. There are a lot of things you end up needing to purchase that you only use once. You can get some great centerpieces and then resell when your event is over.
2. Gray Tuxedos
When you think of what your man will be wearing when you walk down the isle most people think of a black tux. But when your walking down an outdoor isle it can be super hot in the black and very dark against pale spring and summer colors. Why not go with a gray tux and soften the whole look of your wedding party!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site! You can do your wedding registry on this site as well as any other kind of wish list. Just sign up for an account and then you can pick from any website for your products to list on registry. No more going store to store! Your guests can go to one website and see EVERYTHING you would like! Totally Amazing!



I don't know about you, but when I listen to the radio and hear new songs I always listen to the lyrics to see what the song is really about. By doing that I then think of what the song reminds me of or where it can be used in my life. Since I was little I have been a music junky. I love to listen to music and each song has a memory for me. Whether it be a concert I went to, camping, a night out with my friends, or a song I picture being played at my wedding some day.

There are a few really good songs out there for weddings. Whether it be a slideshow, the ceremony, or your first dance. Listen closely next time your stuck in traffic, you may just find that perfect song.

Some of my favorites:

1234 by Plain White Tees
My Wish by Rascal Flatts
No Air by Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown
Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman
I Wanna Be Your Everything by Keith Urban
Lost in This Moment by Big and Rich
Time of My Life by David Cook
Amazed by Lonestar
Before You and Me by SheDaisy
Down the Road by Kenny Chesney
I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
When You Say You Love Me by Josh Groban
Livin' Our Love Song by Jason Micheal Carroll
Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban
Unbelievable by Josh Gracin



I don't know about you, but when I listen to the radio and hear new songs I always listen to the lyrics to see what the song is really about. By doing that I then think of what the song reminds me of or where it can be used in my life. Since I was little I have been a music junky. I love to listen to music and each song has a memory for me. Whether it be a concert I went to, camping, a night out with my friends, or a song I picture being played at my wedding some day.

There are a few really good songs out there for weddings. Whether it be a slideshow, the ceremony, or your first dance. Listen closely next time your stuck in traffic, you may just find that perfect song.

Some of my favorites:

1234 by Plain White Tees
My Wish by Rascal Flatts
No Air by Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown
Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman
I Wanna Be Your Everything by Keith Urban
Lost in This Moment by Big and Rich
Time of My Life by David Cook
Amazed by Lonestar
Before You and Me by SheDaisy
Down the Road by Kenny Chesney
I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
When You Say You Love Me by Josh Groban
Livin' Our Love Song by Jason Micheal Carroll
Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban
Unbelievable by Josh Gracin



In the past few months I feel like everyone I know is prego! Ok well not really everybody....but a good chunk of them. So I started thinking about a fresh and fun look for a spring babyshower!

Oranges, pinks, and yellows are fun and light and easy to mix up like these pictures above. Even throwing in a little green as an accent can work if you are expecting a boy or a girl.



For the past 4 months or so I have been selling Cookie Lee Jewelry and I LOVE it. Where else can you get unique pieces that not everyone has, all under $50! The new spring/summer 2009 catalog is coming out this weekend and I am offering an awesome deal for all you jewelry lovers!

For the rest of January, every person who signs up to follow this blog or becomes a fan of Lilly Lynn Events on Facebook will be entered in a contest to win $200 FREE jewelry! If you choose to subscribe instead that is fine too!

If you book a party also you can win $300 FREE! Great way for a bride and bridesmaids to get a unique look for the big day and get some freebees. If your a bride and want to have a party you get the $300 and your bridesmaids get 20% off everything they buy.

So sign up and get entered today!!!



>> February 26, 2009

Here are a couple of my favorite color scheme ideas! Both the blue/yellow and fuschia/green are great colors for spring and summer weddings. The fuschia really pops against the green but make sure not to overdo the color. With the blue and yellow combo you can mix all shades of yellow and blue. Don't be shy... try some new things and make your decorations and small accents pop!


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