>> February 27, 2009

10.Small Square Wedding Cakes for Your Guests
You can ask your bakery to make small individual cakes for each guest instead of having one big cake that has to be cut. This way, whomever you choose to serve cake can just place the whole minicake on the plate and serve away.
9.Colored Bridal Shoes
Even if your dress drags on the floor, spice up your look by getting some great colored shoes that match the colors of your wedding. When your having fun and dancing at your reception, people will see your flare under all that white!
8. Robert Daniel Gallery
Great new place to hold your event in Tacoma WA. Gives a great modern feel and you can save money on decorations when you have great art surrounding you.
7. Decorative Branches
You can use these is so many ways. They are easy to find at craft stores and you can spray paint them to match your color scheme or leave them brown for a more rustic look.
6. Who's Wedding Is It Anyway?
My total fav show on Style Network! They have great planners on this show and they give you tips on weddings. Great way to get some ideas and put your own special twist to it!
5. Fruit!
Cheap way to do some event centerpieces. If your colors are close to colors of oranges, limes, lemons, or any other fruit.... you can fill tall vases with the fruits to help save money and not buy flowers. Or you can mix match and do some tables with fruit and some with flowers.
4. Mix-Match
I know this isn't a new trend but I love the look of having your bridal party in the same color (or two) but with different styles. I was in two weddings where we wore teh same colors. But in one wedding we all had the same dress and in the other we all had different dresses. You could really tell the personal styles and personalities of the girls wearing differnet dresses as well and our confidence being higher since we were in something we picked out.
Awesome website where you can buy or sell anything for a wedding. There are a lot of things you end up needing to purchase that you only use once. You can get some great centerpieces and then resell when your event is over.
2. Gray Tuxedos
When you think of what your man will be wearing when you walk down the isle most people think of a black tux. But when your walking down an outdoor isle it can be super hot in the black and very dark against pale spring and summer colors. Why not go with a gray tux and soften the whole look of your wedding party!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site! You can do your wedding registry on this site as well as any other kind of wish list. Just sign up for an account and then you can pick from any website for your products to list on registry. No more going store to store! Your guests can go to one website and see EVERYTHING you would like! Totally Amazing!

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