Dual State Wedding

>> April 2, 2012

Since I am born and raised a Washington State girl and John was born and raised in Louisiana, we had to decide how we were going to plan a wedding that involved both cultures, both families, and all of our friends. John is a true Southern man and told me we should have the wedding in the church I grew up in and then have a party down in Lousiana for all our friends and family here.

One of the first things we had to decide was our budget and how much we were willing to spend for each state. It brings a new complication to the "budget",

When your planning for two states or two wedding celebrations keep in mind that you don't have every reception and wedding tradition at both. For example, John and I decided to have the wedding ceremony in Washington with a desert church reception with toasts and the cake cutting. We then decided to have a reception or "party" for our friends and family in Louisiana with our first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance and the money dance.

Some things we are doing at both events such as the family photographs, bride and groom photographs, two cakes, and I am wearing my dress at both. We are also doing engagement pictures in both states. Below is one of ours from one of the best photographers in the Lake Charles Louisiana area. greyarea.photography did our first set and we had a blast!



>> April 27, 2011

Now located in Lake Charles Louisiana!! Moved down about a month ago and getting Lilly Lynn Events going in this market. If your in the area suggest us to friends and family!

Types of events but not limited to:



Bridal Showers

Baby Showers


Corporate Events

and so much more!


Studio M Wedding Photography - Puyallup WA

>> January 31, 2011

Very excited to introduce : Studio M Wedding Photography ! Heather is AMAZING and I have totally loved working with her in the past. She is located in Puyallup and is worth the time to look into having her do your wedding!
{Current Offer} Book by February 5th and get $800 off any package. Contact Heather today!!!


Cupcake Mania

>> December 20, 2010

Over the past couple weeks I have been a cupcake crazy person! I love baking with my mom and coming up with creative ways to make things.


Butterflies and Flowers

Mini-Cupcake Trees

So Fun :)



>> November 15, 2010

Rings: Exchange rings that are made of recycled materials

Flowers: Use potted plants and give to guests instead of your traditional florist

Invitations: Have your invites printed on recycled paper or sustainable materials

Decor: Chose locations that already have decor that go with your theme or get married outside where you can use the natural beauty as your decor.

Menu: Choose food that is grown locally

Even if you can't go all out being green, any little part of your wedding that you do green is great!


{s.h.o.e.s} heart them

>> October 28, 2010

Anyone who knows me even remotely well, knows I love shoes! I love the looks of them, the way they can make your outfit just that better and how they can make a brides look pop just a bit more than your average pump or flat. While browsing on the Nordstrom website I found this pair of Vera Wang shoes and I don't know what it is about them but I LOVE THEM!! It is a silk sandle with faceted stones, and a cushioned footbed that makes them uber comfortable.
Check out the website for more information on this shoe and a bunch more super cute and fun styles!


White Simplicity

>> October 4, 2010

all white
I love the look of very simple all white cakes. They give a classy and elegant look for your wedding. These four are amazing...and look so yummy :)


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