>> August 31, 2009

We are so excited to be nominated for the Best of Western Washington!! The offical voting has started and goes until the 11th of October! Please go to the link below and cast your vote for Lilly Lynn Events!!


Link to Vote


{Sneek Peek} Brittany and Stephens Wedding

There are way more pictures coming in a few weeks when I get them from the awesome photographer April who photographed the wedding....

Saturday Aug 29th was a great day for a wedding. The sun came out and the rain stopped long enough to have Brittany and Stephens wedding outside at the beautiful Kubota Park in South Seattle. The reception was held at Mayflower Park Hotel in downtown Seattle. Andrew at the hotel was great to work with and the food was awesome.

Here are a couple pics to peak your interest and I will put up more later :)


Reception Pictures

>> August 28, 2009

NEW pictures in the gallery of a reception I did at Lake Union Crew in Seattle.

The bride and groom were married on the beach in Hawaii and then held a great reception at the Lake Union Crew a couple weeks later. The flowers are from one of the great florists at Pike Place Market and the tea lights had little rocks like you see on the beach in the bottom.

The mother of the bride made ALL the food and they had small tart like desserts from Whole Foods instead of serving cake.

Check out more pictures in the LLE Gallery :)


Bachelorette Party Planning

>> August 26, 2009

So I was listening to this radio show called Get In Bed on Cosmo Radio. They had a guest on that has a company that does bachelorette party planning for weekends and great getaways!

Some of the services they offer are:

Buy the Novelty Gifts
Make the Goodie bags
Book Your Flights
Reserve Your Hotels
Setup Spa Services
Plan Dinners and Fixed Menus
Schedule your Transportation
Setup Unique Party Games
Research Special Activities (cooking class, indoor skydiving, pole dancing lessons, male revues, etc.)
Book Nightclub VIP Access
Schedule Bottle Service
Setup Wine Tasting
Reserve Poolside Cabanas
And whatever clever things we can come up with together.

This service sounds amazing, and why not spend your last weekend as a single lady doing all the fun and exciting things you always wanted to try with all your girlfriends!!!

Check out their website at: Zazau


LLE {hearts} Decorated Aisles

>> August 20, 2009

When I work on weddings and when I attend them I get lots of ideas and find things that I like better than other things. One of the things I {heart} is a great aisle! Whether it has candles or flowers, as long as it pops!

Here are a few examples:



>> August 19, 2009

So I have been super absent from the blog due to work, school, and a couple family things.

But I am back and ready to share some pictures from a reception I did at the Seattle Crew House last Friday. Those will be up shortly!!

Stay tuned for more party and wedding tips!!



National S'mores Day!

>> August 10, 2009

S'mores are a favorite campsite treat for young and old kids. If you're at a campfire, chances are, there's S'mores. Sticky and gooey, and loaded with sugar and carbs, S'mores are nothing short of delicious. Who was the first person to create S'mores? We don't know. But, we're all sure glad they did!

National S'mores Day celebrates this tasty summer treat. It's appropriately placed in August...campfire prime time. But, don't limit your consumption of S'ores to the campfire. They are popular with kids year round, and can be baked in the oven or microwave.

The origin of S'mores dates back to the 1920's. It's believed the recipe was first discovered by Girl Scouts. S'more folklore suggests that S'mores got its name right by the campfire. After eating one, young kids chanted "gimme some more!"

How to make S'mores:

Chocolate candy bar
Honey Graham Crackers

Break off a square of Graham cracker
Add a piece of Chocolate.
Toast a big marshmallow over the campfire.
Add the hot marshmallow.
Top it with another graham Cracker.
Eat , savor and enjoy!

Note: You can make S'mores in the microwave. Just put them together and pop them into the microwave on high for 15 to 20 seconds.


Win $25 from

>> August 3, 2009 is offering one lucky winner at $25 gift certificate towards the stylish favors of their choice. What a thoughtful way to say thank you to your guests on the big day. Their large selection includes ideas to please every design sense and wedding vision. To enter all you have to do is post a comment. The winner will be chosen at random on August 28th... good luck!

"LOVE" Frosted Coasters



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