Style: Floral Accents

>> January 29, 2010

Floral Accents
Floral Braclet - $284.95
Lilly Hair Pin - $20.00
Gown - $950
Pearl Necklace - $36.95
Shoes - $215.00
Clutch - $115


Registry: Crate and Barrel

>> January 27, 2010

Click here for more information about the event!


Registry: Bed Bath and Beyond Event

Click here for more information and to find a store near you!


Buffet Cards

Ever been to a wedding and started going through the buffet only to realize you have no idea what anything is?? For me, it can be an intimidating thing that makes me end up with fruit, veggies, and bread only on my plate.

Check out the buffet markers I found from Place Tile. These are great to use to mark what dishes are or to point out which dishes may contain things that a good amount of people are allergic to, such as peanuts.

You can order online or visit one of their many locations.


Issaquah Costco Bridal Event

>> January 25, 2010

If your looking for your fairy tale wedding gown and veil go check out the Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Event at the Issaquah Costco!

Click Here for more information on the event!


Minus My Appendix

>> January 22, 2010

I wanted to let you all know I have not been neglecting my blog on purpose.... I had to have my appendix taken out this week. :(

Going to take a couple more days and recover. Then I will be back with more ideas, inspirations, and vendors.

How many of you have had your appendix out??


Chehalis Bridal Expo Pictures

>> January 18, 2010

Last Saturday I was at the Chehalis Bridal Expo and these are a couple pictures from the show.
The flowers were done by Perpetual Posies and then we collaberated on the table layout.

The floral arrangement has pink garden roses, cale, and green apples just to name a few. Absolutely Beautiful!


Bridal Fair in Chehalis WA

>> January 15, 2010

Today and tomorrow I will be in a booth at the Chehalis Bridal Fair! Come check out the booth and say hi.
Don't miss the 2010 Chehalis Bridal Fair at the Hotel Washington in Historic Downtown Chehalis. FREE admission. Register to win door prizes, including the grand prize - a wedding dress valued at $950 - donated by Sewsie's Diva Palace Bridal & Formal Wear!
Date: January 15, 2010 - January 16, 2010
Location: Hotel Washington in Historic Downtown Chehalis 545 N. Market Blvd.
Date/Time Details: Friday, January 15, noon to 7:30 p.m. Saturday, January 16, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Bling Bling!

When I start talking to a bride I love to see their engagement ring. Partly because I am addicted to jewelry and love sparkles, but also because it tells me a lot about the bride.

The brides with smaller diamonds or a solitaire, generally want simple and relaxed weddings.
Where as the girls with the bigger rings and more bling want the bigger weddings. Not that this is ALWAYS true but most of the time.

To see more "Eye-Candy" visit


Your Love in 6 Words

>> January 12, 2010

so i had never heard of this idea until a long time friend of mine told me about hearing about it on the radio and i thought it was an interesting concept. to sum up your love or your life 6 words. amazingly brillant!

on the washington post website they have some great examples:

Craigs List. True love. Who knew?

Submit to passion, never go back.

Past gone, future unknown, present bliss.

He ignites passion never known before.

Serendipity, luck, karma, brought us together.

Marriage is a neverending slumber party

Fell in love. Fell out. Ouch.

Learning that love comes from within.

No hesitation. No limit. No doubt.

what would your 6 word love story be?? post them in the comments


Inspire: Garden Weddings

>> January 11, 2010

Garden Romance

Brittany and Stephen


Inspire: Real Mexico Wedding

>> January 7, 2010

Steve and Regina are such sweet people that when I was looking at their wedding pictures on Facebook I just had to ask Regina if I could post some of their pictures for inspiration.

They were married at Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico. Just take a minute to really notice how beautiful the scenery is! Not to mention her gorgeous dress.... AMAZING!

Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding 2

Want to submit your pictures to be


Theme: Sunflowers


Just for Fun....

Thought these were funny...


Vendor Spotlight: Hello Cupcake

when i was at the tacoma bridal expo one of the companies that caught my eye was hello cupcake!! their booth was super cute and smelled soooo good.

they are located in tacoma, wa on pacific highway near union station. the shop has a party room where you can rent it out for parties, bridal showers, meetings, or any kind of party!
some of the yummy flavors are vanilla, red velvet, mocha, carrot, coconut, and so many more! they are baked from scratch every day. check out their website for more information!


Tacoma Bridal Expo Pt 3

>> January 5, 2010

this post has pictures from the completed booth. this first one is the cucumber water that kristi with paprika catering had at her part of the booth. it was really yummy!

this is a picture of dinea de photo's and my side of the booth with the display table and tv in it.

an upclose shot of the moss placemats and table setting.

the super cool gold and glitter branches that rebecca from perpetual posies used in the display.

kristi and rebecca's side of the booth.

another of dinea and my side of the booth
back of the chair that we got from aa party supply
close up of the flowers with the engagement pictures in them

Close up of the place setting

if you look closely you will see engagement pictures sticking out of the log o' flowers. they are there as an idea for favors instead


Tacoma Bridal Expo Pt 2

on new years eve, we all went in and started setting up the main part of our booth. here is a look at the place setting. we had gold chargers, gold rimmed dinner and salad plates, crystal glasses, a menu card, place setting of flateware, and a gold napkin ring. keep in mind this is isn't the final look yet...
side view of the table with no floral yet and the place settings aren't done either. but you can see the runner on the table and the two over the back of the gold chairs.

since we had 4 businesses in our booth we used a tv to show our slideshow so each of us didn't have a seperate laptop going in our section. plus it looks really good in the final pictures!


Tacoma Bridal Expo Pt 1

this last week was full of preperation for the tacoma bridal expo at the tacoma dome. it was the first big show i had done and boy was i feeling some pressure. i wanted to have all the right favors and an area that showcased my work the best i could. i was sharing a booth with 3 other vendors and we had a main table that showcased what we can do. the table looked amazing with becky's floral design in a log and i was really happy with the table layout and the real moss placemats.

let's start with pictures of my section of the booth!


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