Quest for the BEST Cupcake in Seattle!

>> June 29, 2009

For the past few weeks my friend Jodi and I have been trying a new cupcake place each week to see who, in our opinion, has the BEST!

So far we have visited Cupcake Royale, Yellow Leaf Cupcake, and Macrina bakery.

Here are our thoughts so far:

Cupcake Royale: 4 out of 5 stars
We bought the 6 pack there and tried a few different kinds. They were pretty moist with an occasional dry bite. We went there twice and the second time tried the mini cupcakes, which were a great 1 bite kind with yummy pink frosting. We would like to see some filling options and maybe a little bigger cupcake. The frosting at Cupcake Royale is the BEST by far!!!

Yellow Leaf: 2 out of 5 stars
The tops right under the frosting was pretty dry and we felt like each one tasted like a tub of butter. The service was good but not a huge fan of the cupcakes. The appearance was good and the size was ok. The prices were high and I am not sure I would look forward to going back at that rate. They also don't make many of each kind so if you go in the afternoon you don't get much selection.

Macrina: 1 1/2 out of 5 stars
Sad thing is that we don't even remember what they tasted like and we went less than a week ago. Both of us were unhappy with our selections and found the entire cupcake to be dry and not very flavorful.

If you know of great cupcake places in Seattle that we haven't covered, please leave a comment with the name and location! We will check it out and let you know what we think....


Woodland Park Zoo Reception


Feel the Sand Between Your Toes... (tips for planning a beach wedding)

Here are a few tips when planning a beach wedding...

1. Get Help
The services of a wedding planner can be invaluable when it comes to your beach wedding. If you can, try to earmark part of your budget (about 10 percent of the total) for a planner. She can shoulder the burden of researching, auditioning, and securing local vendors -- and this last tool is especially valuable if you require services specific to a destination wedding or an outdoor wedding, like tents, special food prep stations, or even portable toilets. A planner is also the behind-the-scene queen (or king) that can create gift bags for guests, greet everyone at the airport, keep people busy with fun activities, vet special requests (babysitters, dry cleaners, etc.), and get everyone where they need to be on time.

2. Schedule a Test Drive
Remember, unlike a wedding in a hotel ballroom or restaurant, guests are dependent on you once they reach the destination. Make sure you have adequate signage on the beach to direct guests to the ceremony spot and that the beach itself is navigable (no rickety boardwalks). If the beach has limited parking, consider providing a shuttle service from a central location.

3. Take a Trip
If you've decided to tackle planning on your own, be sure to scout out beaches after you've finalized your guest count. You'll need to know if there's a limit to how many people you can bring on the beach and how certain spots might affect your set-up. You'll also want to decide whether you want to have your reception directly on the beach. If so, you'll need to make catering arrangements and find a rental company that can provide you with all the necessary equipment.

4. Vendor Checkups
Clue guests in to your wedding's sandy locale when you send your save-the-dates so they know to dress appropriately.To be sure your vendors have sufficient experience with beach weddings, ask for a portfolio of pictures and at least three references. Be sure the references are people for whom the vendor did an event similar to yours -- a recommendation from a couple that had 10 guests doesn't help if you're inviting 100. Also ask for the names of other vendors who worked those events and use them as further references regarding the company in question.

5. Be Gracious
A good way to make nice with the local vendors is to send handwritten thank-you notes when you book their services. (Remember that they can literally make or break your wedding, and a little goes a long way toward getting them on your side.) During the event itself, it's wise to have plenty of small bills on hand for palm-greasing, especially for the delivery people who will be setting up your site to turn it into a wedding wonderland.

6. Forewarn Your Friends and Family
Clue guests in to your wedding's sandy locale when you send your save-the-dates so they know to dress appropriately (no stilettos!).

7. Get a Grip
Don't be upset if some of your closest friends or relatives don't attend. Some, like your great Uncle Fred, may not be able to traverse a rocky beach or sit in the sun for an extended amount of time. And while your wedding is, in a sense, a mini-vacation for you, it may not be the one they want to take!

8. Mind Mother Nature
Don't forget to consider the climate when choosing your dress. You'll be swimming in sweat if you pair your fairy-tale satin ball gown with the beach's intense rays. Go for lighter fabrics and silhouettes, and be sure to slather on the sunscreen or you'll risk some serious burn.

9. Be a Zen Bride
Don't keep a constant eye on the time. Remember that you can't control the environment (really, you can't) and you may need to wait for the tides to recede or for the beach to empty a bit before you can start the ceremony. Keep an open mind -- and remember that minor mishaps can sometimes make for the best memories (really, they can).

10. Pack Right
Whatever you want to have with you for the ceremony (vase, candles, etc.), you have to lug along to the destination (or ship it there ahead of time). Once there, make sure you can actually cart everything onto the beach with ease.

11. Call on a Courier
Don't forget to plan for potential wedding presents. If you've got a ton of wedding gifts to take home, bring an extra duffle bag to pack them in. Ask someone you trust to keep a close eye on them throughout the day, and keep track of how many you have. Figure this out before the wedding so you'll have a plan of action if you need it.

12. Welcome Your Guests
Be sure to place an amenities basket at the entrance to your spot on the beach that is full of essentials for the day outdoors (suntan lotion, bug spray, etc.) and goodies that will remind them of the setting -- embroidered beach blankets with your names and wedding date, shawls for the ladies, or pretty parasols in your wedding colors, for example.



July 4th..What to do?!?

>> June 24, 2009

Last night I was talking with Jimmy {bf} about the upcoming holiday and what we are going to do. Still undecided and that hits a nerve in me just a bit. I know it's not for another week but I like to plan. Hello!...I am a planner...part of the way I work. :)

So anyway, I was thinking on my way to work today {during my fun hour and 15 minute long commute on 3 different freeway...oye vye!} that I wished we had a big family that did the big fun bbq's in the summer and make it a whole day event! I have grown up with a small family so anytime I can be around lots of people I love it!! Well as long as they are all friendly and I know most of them {can you say awkward when you don't know anyone!!}

While driving I started thinking about what kind of party I would throw if I had a 4th of July bash at my house! First of all you have to have great stars and stripe themes. Such as the individual flag cakes or the candle holders. {Can I tell you how much red, white, and blue stuff there was at Walmart when I was shopping for Jimmy's party!?} You can find some really great party pieces at Walmart and K-mart if you really look. Nothing has to be expensive just make sure it all flows. I love all the pieces in the idea board and I know you can make a memorable party for your family and friends!

Keep your menu simple. Potlucks are great because then you aren't financially responsible to feed everyone and you can guarantee there will be at least one dish that everyone will like. If you supply the main dish and the drinks then you can ask everyone else to bring their favorite side dish and ask a select few to bring a desert.

A personal favorite 4th of July desert is Chocolate Cake with holes poked in it and banana pudding put in the holes. Then top it with banana slices and layer of cool whip! Yummy, my neighbor Liz makes it and I LOVE it!

What are your favorite memories and foods for 4th of July?


Picnic Wedding

>> June 23, 2009

This past weekend I attended a housewarming party of one of my very close friends and her husband. Such a beautiful house and I am super happy for them and where they are in life. Anyhoo... while at the party I got to talking with one of her other friends mom, who I have met on and off through the past few years. They had both attended a wedding that afternoon for a family friend whose wedding had a picnic theme.

When I asked her about it she instantly pulled out the camera and started showing me pictures! Love when people do that!!! The wedding had a great Victorian and vintage look to it. From what I was told most of the people had hats on, and the brides dress looked handmade but was very pretty. The part that I thought really stood out was that the reception area was blankets with picnic baskets at each one with wine and bread. Such a cute idea!

This got me thinking that a picnic themed wedding would be great for a wedding on a farm or in a field. I found this picture on Ritsybee and found it very inspiring!

You don't have to do blankets if that isn't your style, but like in the picture some great picnic tables with your centerpieces and some great lanterns can really add ambiance and a nature feel to your day. For the right people... I also love the brown bag for your dinner! What a great original way to serve your guests. Anything that makes your wedding day stand out in your guests heads is amazing and brides who take risks are my favorite!

Think outside the box of what you see in magazines and on tv. Be you and be original!!!


Piperlime Wedding Shoes??? Who Knew!

Anyone who reads my personal blog will know I {heart} shoes! In fact I used to buy them and hide them in my closet thinking it was wrong to buy a new pair each week. My parents used to think I was crazy when I lived at home and would get to the point I would want to get rid of some and when I laid them all out.... Ta da! They covered the entire living room floor!!!!

One piece to your wedding attire that I feel is often over looked is your shoes. I totally understand comfort but it drives me nuts when brides wear flip flops! At least pick a great flat that you break in and wear around your house for a few weeks before the wedding.

I think one of my favorite out of the norm shoes I saw was worn by one of my friends Tia. She is married to my boyfriends cousin and at her wedding she wore some great teal tennys! Loved the idea and they fit her personality perfectly! They were a teal sparkly shoe from Ed Hardy.

This morning I opened my email and there was my regular email. Since I had a minute I thought I might browse through it and stumbled on the wedding shoes. I had no idea they even had a wedding section.

There is a section for bridesmaids and a section for brides. You can even pick the style of your dress and they will show you a shoe that would go with it. Pretty darn cool!

Check out the full selection and all the cute colors they have for bridesmaids on . They are associated with Gap and Banana Republic.

LOVE the site!


Summer Pool Party

>> June 22, 2009

Every summer there are a ton of weddings and engagements! Why not celebrate them with a pool party. They are great for bridal showers, bachlorette, or engagement parties.

For event planning assistance contact us at kim{at}


Tiki Themed 40th Birthday Party

Check out the rest of the pictures at



>> June 19, 2009

Wanna know more about me? What I am in to?

Check out my personal blog at I try to blog as much as I can about what I am up to in my down time!


Summer Parties

>> June 18, 2009

1st day of Summer starts this Sunday and it seems everyone I know is having a party in the next month or so. Between the house warming party and graduation/birthday party this weekend, we also have my parents bbq in a couple weeks!

I really love the outdoor ambiance you get when you through a party outside. From the nature noises to the instant crisp you feel in the air when it's time to do marshmallows. Some of my best memories growing up are from summer parties my family went to.

One of my favorite stories was when I was really little, probably 5 or so. We would go to my parents friends parents house for 4th of July. They had a large chunk of land in downtown Puyallup and since we are close with most of that family, that was where my parents chose to go. Every year while the dads hosed down all the plants and trees in the orchard, the kids would get sparklers. We would run through the orchard and try to spell our names in the smoke. It was so fun and I remember just laughing the whole time. Once the big fireworks would start I always got tired and would go inside and lay on the floor right by the door so I could see all the big fireworks go off.
Those summers were great as a kid and as I get older and am looking forward to having kids, I want them to have just as memorable summers as I did.
Wishing all of you a great summer of memories!
*For planning assistance email us!


Elope with Sweet Nothings and Blueline Photography!

>> June 17, 2009

Elope with Sweet Nothings and Blueline Photography!
August 5th-6th, 2009
Oahu, Hawaii

We are looking for a fun, sexy couple who LOVES to have their picture taken!

Complete Package will include:
Full Wedding Day Coordination and complete design consultation with Bride and Groom
Wedding Day Photography by Blueline Weddings
Video coverage of ceremony by Blueline Weddings
AlbumHigh Resolution CD of all images2 nights stay in Hotel
Bridal Hair and Makeup
Champagne for after ceremony
Reckless Photo Session
Ceremony Site
OfficiantPaperwork help and payment
Bridal Bouquet and boutonniereT

his is worth over $10,000!
Winners will be responsible for travel expenses to Hawaii.

Erin G.
Sweet Nothings


Craig and Jamalas Wedding Pics....

To see more please visit our gallery



One of my favorite parts of planning a wedding is the centerpieces! This part really allows you to show your style and be creative.

Love how the green is so dominate and the pinks just offset it enough to make it not too green. The square plates give the look a more modern touch and the green chairs are just fun!

Hydrangea's are one of my favorite wedding flowers. You can use them for so many things and since they are larger you don't need as many. These vases with the paper wrappings are a great diy as well!


New Gallery

>> June 16, 2009

LLE has a new gallery where you can make comments on any of the pictures and see some of the weddings we have done! Just click on the gallery button above.

Still coming....

2 more weddings, birthday party, and 2 receptions

.... stay tuned for those!!


Daisy for Cake!

>> June 15, 2009

During the spring and summer I love to use Daisies for the floral at all kinds of parties. They are beautiful and they come is so many colors! Since we are focusing on green this month I wanted to show a couple ways to incorporate the green and the daises.

This wedding cake is one of my favorites! Between the flowers and the piping around each layer I think it screams modern with a touch of romantic. Great for summer weddings!

The second cake is a great choice for a bridal shower, birthday, or just because. It's simple but cute. The layout of the flowers on this cake also allows you to have writing on it if you so choose!



>> June 9, 2009

My life is so freakin hectic right now! Sorry for not posting much so far in June but next week when my life slows down, I will get right on it.

Currently planning my boyfriends birthday party this Saturday and I tell you...I have very little stress out moments when I do other peoples events but when I do my own its a whole new issue! Along with that it is finals week for me at school along with working full time for the art store!!!! WHEW what a week.

Don't give up on me...I will have new awesome posts for you on Monday! PROMISE :)
Along with pics from the party!


Five Eco-Friendly Parties

>> June 5, 2009

Since we are focusing on Green this month why not think earthy green as well!

Here are five eco-friendly theme parties to consider for your next family bash:

The Take Home party
Reinforce a no-gift policy by asking each guest to bring one item they no longer use. As each guest arrives and places their donation on the table, give them a number to decide who gets to pick their take-home gift first.

The Old-fashioned Slumber Party
Invite two or three best-friend guests (instead of ten or twenty). Ask them to dress in pajamas and bring gifts wrapped in pillow cases. Rent some movies and serve build-your-own pizza instead of all the excessive party fixings.

The BYOD party (Bring Your Own Dishes)
Instead of a potluck tell your guests you’ll be providing food but no dishes. Encourage your guests to bring cups and plates with personality (no disposables), which will add to the fun. It’s pretty hard to lose your mug when it’s got Grandma on it.

The Locals Party
Everybody knows that buying local is better for the environment. For your next family gathering ask guests to bring only locally made beverages, treats, and gifts. Play local music or invite a local band.

The Zero Impact Party
In your e-invite suggest that your guests bike, walk, or carpool to your zero impact party. Offer a prize to the guest who leaves the lightest footprint on your doorstep. There has never been a better excuse not to bring a gift. After the party plant a tree to offset necessities like toilet paper!



Summer Dessert Idea

>> June 3, 2009

Grasshopper Dessert Squares

These look so good! Perfect for a summer bbq, birthday, or just for fun.

1 1/2 cups chocolate cookie crumbs (from 15-oz package)
1/4 cup sugar
6 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted
2 packages (8 oz each) cream cheese, cubed, softened
1/3 cup green crème de menthe liqueur
1/4 cup white crème de cacao liqueur
1 1/2 jars (7 oz each) marshmallow creme (2 1/4 cups)
1 1/2 cups whipping cream

1. Line 13x9-inch pan with foil so edges of foil extend over sides of pan; spray with cooking spray. In pan, mix cookie crumbs, sugar and butter. Press evenly in bottom of pan.

2. In large bowl, beat cream cheese, crème de menthe and crème de cacao with electric mixer on medium speed until smooth. Add marshmallow creme; beat until smooth. Refrigerate about 45 minutes or until mixture mounds when dropped from a spoon.

3. In chilled large bowl, beat whipping cream on high speed until stiff peaks form. Fold whipped cream into marshmallow mixture until blended. Pour over crust. Freeze about 4 hours or until firm.

4. Remove from pan, using foil to lift. Let dessert stand at room temperature 10 minutes before cutting. Freeze any remaining dessert tightly covered.



Green Inspiration

>> June 1, 2009


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