July 4th..What to do?!?

>> June 24, 2009

Last night I was talking with Jimmy {bf} about the upcoming holiday and what we are going to do. Still undecided and that hits a nerve in me just a bit. I know it's not for another week but I like to plan. Hello!...I am a planner...part of the way I work. :)

So anyway, I was thinking on my way to work today {during my fun hour and 15 minute long commute on 3 different freeway...oye vye!} that I wished we had a big family that did the big fun bbq's in the summer and make it a whole day event! I have grown up with a small family so anytime I can be around lots of people I love it!! Well as long as they are all friendly and I know most of them {can you say awkward when you don't know anyone!!}

While driving I started thinking about what kind of party I would throw if I had a 4th of July bash at my house! First of all you have to have great stars and stripe themes. Such as the individual flag cakes or the candle holders. {Can I tell you how much red, white, and blue stuff there was at Walmart when I was shopping for Jimmy's party!?} You can find some really great party pieces at Walmart and K-mart if you really look. Nothing has to be expensive just make sure it all flows. I love all the pieces in the idea board and I know you can make a memorable party for your family and friends!

Keep your menu simple. Potlucks are great because then you aren't financially responsible to feed everyone and you can guarantee there will be at least one dish that everyone will like. If you supply the main dish and the drinks then you can ask everyone else to bring their favorite side dish and ask a select few to bring a desert.

A personal favorite 4th of July desert is Chocolate Cake with holes poked in it and banana pudding put in the holes. Then top it with banana slices and layer of cool whip! Yummy, my neighbor Liz makes it and I LOVE it!

What are your favorite memories and foods for 4th of July?

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