Picking Wedding Invitations

>> July 7, 2010

Picking out your wedding invitations very well may be one of the first things you do in preparation for your wedding day. It also may be one of the most exciting things that you do. You will want them to be an expression of you love and to look great as you proclaim your big day to friends and family all over the world. When you pick your wedding invitations you want them to have a sense of style that is unique to you and your mate, and that reflects your personality and the theme of your wedding as well. The following are just a few tips to think about when picking the style of wedding invitations
that best suits you and your mate.

One of the first things that you should do when you are considering wedding invitations and making your final choice is to think about whether you are having a formal wedding or a more informal event. Many guests need to take comfort in knowing what attire is expected. Nothing is worse for a guest than showing up in black tie garb and everyone else is wearing slacks – or vice versa to that. If you are having a formal black tie wedding, you should remember to not send out informal invitations. On the other hand, if you are having an informal wedding, formal invitations may look overdone for what you are planning.

Formal invitation styles are usually thicker on a sturdier paper. More informal styles of invitations are lighter and will naturally give guests a more relaxed vibe to your wedding day. Considering your personal style and the style of your wedding is also important when you are choosing wedding invitations. Another thing to think about is the season in which the gala falls.

Many invitations and wedding favors come in season-inspired designs these days that add a touch of class to any celebration. Also, if you have certain colors in mind for your wedding you may want to use those colors on your wedding invitations. While you do not have to match your invitations to your wedding colors, often this is a little added classy touch. Otherwise if you’re thinking about coordinating your invitation colors, you may just want to pick wedding invitations in a favorite color that enhances some aspect of the wedding.You should also keep your wedding theme in mind when you are choosing your wedding invitations.

Again, whether you are season-inspired, having a beach wedding, a country wedding, a garden wedding, a Vegas-themed wedding, or a traditional church wedding, you should keep the theme in mind. Try to coordinate the theme and style of your wedding invitations to the theme that you are having for you love-filled celebration. Wedding invitations are important because they are announcing the day of your marriage for all the loved ones in your lives. You want the invitations to look great and announce your wedding with you and your mate’s unique style. Keeping in mind the formality of the wedding, the colors and style, the season in which you are having your event, and the theme of your wedding can all help pick the perfect wedding invitations.

Well designed invitations will impress your guests and be a great way to invite them to one of the biggest events in your life. It’s also a fun way for Newlyweds to decide which direction they want to go with their once in a lifetime day.

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