Wedding Shower Games

>> October 13, 2009

I get asked quite a bit about games for showers. Although my favorites aren't all origional, there are some great classics!

Lucky Coin
This is another easy to organize bridal shower game.
First take a coin and tape it securely to the underside of a chair. At an appropriate moment during the party ask the guests to look underneath the seat of their chair. The guest who is sitting on the ‘lucky chair’ and finds the coin is the winner of the game and receives a small prize. This could be a prettily presented candle, some chocolates or candy, a bookmark, a small potted plant, potpourri or any other small gift of your choice.

Famous Couples
With this game write a list of one half of a famous couple, real life and fictitious, guests try to guess the other half of the couple
For instance the couples could be Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Baucall, Popeye and Olive Oyl, George W Bush and Laura, Napoleon and Josephine, Nelson and Lady Hamilton, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Prince Ranier and Grace Kelley, Homer and Marg Simpson, Al Gore and Tipper, Father Christmas and Mary Christmas; and so forth.
Guest fill out the answers in a note pad the guest with the most correct answers receives a small prize.

Two Truths and a Lie
Each guest introduces herself, and tells the group three things about herself; two are true, one is a lie. Guests then write down, or shout out which one they think is a lie. If a guest is shy, the host should whisper in her ear some ideas for the lie.

How Old Was She?
Ask the bride's mother for pictures of her at a variety of ages. Pin them to a board, and hand out sheets of paper to each guest. As they mingle and eat, they can guess what age she was in each picture. Give a prize to the person with the most correct answers.

My Favorite Memory
This one is good for showers where the bride has provided the entire guest list. Along with your invitation, include a printed card that says "please write your favorite memory of the bride or groom". While the bride is opening presents, each guest stands and reads the card she brought. Typically some are funny, some are sentimental and all are enjoyable to hear. Purchase a photo album to collect the memories and photos of the party.

Groom in his skivvies
Tell each guests that the object of the game is to draw a picture of the groom in his underwear, but the catch is that the drawing pad must remain on top of the artist's head the whole time she is drawing! The bride picks her favorite drawing to win a prize.

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