>> February 26, 2009

I have been in 3 weddings and attended way too many to count over the past few years. One thing that always stands out in my mind are how uncomfortable the shoes I had to wear as a bridesmaid were. The first wedding the shoes had no back and we were walking on moist grass. The whole way down the isle I had to pull the shoe out of the ground with my toes and try to walk normal! It was not comfortable nor easy. As soon as the wedding was over I had flip flops on. Seriously....as soon as pictures were done, I think I was the first bridesmaid to change. The second wedding I was in I got to wear what I wanted, which was nice. I decided to save some money and wear a pair I had. Well I hadn't worn them in awhile and didn't remember how uncomfortable they were. For the most part I was ok in them, but again when the reception started I was in flip flops. That wedding my mom was a little upset I had changed so fast since it was my brothers! Oops :)

The third wedding I was feeling a little bit like I had been there before. I was in a similar dress to the outdoor wedding and it was the exact same color. Only difference was we had to all the wear the same shoes with the plastic band over your foot with a matching ribbon on them. They weren't too bad until it got hot and our feet started to sweat some. ~I know that can be gross to some but it happens!~ Before the wedding even started we were taking off our shoes and trying to not show the blisters we were already developing. At this wedding we were all given flip flops as part of our gifts with the matching ribbon on them too! She knew the shoes were uncomfortable! My kind of bride!!!

Since I have yet to be a bride, the shoe lover in me found some looks I really like for weddings. I do know from working with brides and being the maid of honor drug around to all the shops, that you have to pick something practical that doesn't make your foot into an odd shape and not go purely on looks. For Angela's wedding I was the 2nd maid of honor and she drug me to multiple places to look for shoes. It was ridiculous. But this girl wears heels every day and has no issue with foot pain, so she went on looks. Her shoes were gorgeous and made her foot into that odd shape but she loved it! The other two brides had wedding shoes and reception shoes.

The concept of having wedding shoes and reception shoes really excited me! I instantly thought what I would want my wedding shoes and reception shoes to look like. Then remembered....I am not getting married. DOH!

The last wedding I attended the bride had on Ed Hardy bright teal shoes. They were supa cute and fit her personality so well! I think it made it a lot easier for her to walk in the grass for her country style outdoor wedding!

Below are some of the looks I like and wanted to share them with you all!

Just remember....
1. Pick something fashionable and comfortable
3. Have fun and get the wedding and reception shoes...WHY NOT its YOUR day!!
4. Your length of dress will be a factor in the type of shoes you get

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